How to quit Vim

If you’ve ever accidentally opened up Vim, you may know how difficult it is to exit out if you have no experience with it. Luckily, there are many solutions, as documented in this GitHub repository. Print this out and pin it on your wall and you’ll no longer have to fear being stuck in Vim until the heat death of the universe (or until you restart your computer, whichever comes first).

For the anti-fun among you, just mash the escape key a few times, to make sure you’re not in input mode, and type :qa!<Enter>.

Better yet, learn Vim! It’s honestly not that hard to get the hang of the basics. From the command line, run vimtutor to run an interactive tutorial. There are many online resources as well, such as OpenVim and Vim Adventures. It won’t be long until your mouse starts gathering cobwebs and you instinctively press escape after every text input. Then you’ll be ready to engage in any and all flame wars against Emacs users. It’s tradition.

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